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Importance of Gynecologist

Every woman needs to see a gynecologist for promotion of good health. Starting from the early age of puberty, women are supposed to see a gynecologist, the fact being their reproductive organ has started maturing. There is a need for cross-evaluation by a gynecologist specialist. Woman can start seeing gynecologist between the age of 13 and 15 or when they are sexually active. The physician is able to explain how the body is functioning and give answers to menstruation-related cases that may arise. Also, doctors can give advice to related menopause cases in older women? This shows that, keeping a good relationship with a gynecologist is helpful to women all over the years.

The OB/GYN will perform pelvic and breast exams during the annual well women exam. Pelvic exam allows the doctor to inspect the cervix. They will also note if there are any microscopic cells that might end growing into cancer. The doctor is able to detect many problems of the reproductive system through examination. The test can conduct by either blood or tissue culture.

A patient might be having breast abnormalities. There is a need to see the gynecologist early to avoid such cases. If there are abnormalities early treatment will be conducted. Hence, the high possibility of normalcy. Also when a woman is pregnant, ultrasound can be conducted and it will detect if the fetus is in its normal area. The gynecologist also does the examination to know whether the cells that form the placenta are in good condition. All these assessments are done only in the doctor’s office.

Detecting sexually transmitted diseases. This is one another most important factor why women should see a gynecologist. Any kind of vaginal discharge should be evaluated properly. Gynecologists can take smear and decided whether a discharge has got things to do with sexually transmitted diseases. The gynecologist will also evaluate other related diseases such as, genital herpes human papillomavirus ( HPV), pelvic inflammatory diseases( PID) which can be prevented in the early stages.

There are other common diseases in women such as endometriosis and fibroid tumor which needs treatment. These are the diseases that should be evaluated by a medical specialist for medication and surgery thereby involving an oncologist for treatment. Contraception also plays a big role in this field. Different methods of contraception can be discussed and prescribed by a physician.

When women reach menopause, there is a possibility of them experiencing physical and emotional changes in their bodies. A physician can evaluate hormone levels. A physician will also prescribe a hormone replacement therapy if need be. This will help counter this problem.

Know when searching for gynecologist or obestracian, it’s advisable to be in touch with the insurance company to know whether it covers this care. This will help you to be sure so that you can be on the safer side all the way. The health of the woman is very important thus the reason why, out of all other things they should be very wanting to be healthy. The more healthy a woman is the healthy the children.

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